Considering some YouTube commercials

This first one that I chose is a commercial for Christian Dior’s “J’adore ” perfume with Charlize Theron. The reason that I chose this is because of the look and feel of it. I was reminded of an older time by the lighting used and the design of the doors as she walked. I also thought that the play on words was interesting. When they say, “gold is cold” I am reminded of gold mines and how gold is underground and it’s cold underground. Then they say, “diamond’s are dead” and for some reason I thought of the same thing. Diamond’s are found underground as well and it just reminded me of the “blood diamond”.

The second one that I chose is a Nike ad and in this commercial their goal is to steal a certain ball that’s supposed to be “rounder”. I loved the way that they used the different lighting and the way that the ball was taken made me feel like they were stealing a prized possession from an ancient museum. The robots that were set up to stop them from taking it gave me the feel of mummies for some odd reason. I felt like they were in Egypt. Lol. 

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