When looking at my classmates blogs I realized there were a lot of things that they had in common. There were a lot of things that we felt the same way about and then there were others things that we felt differently about for certain reasons, each of those being different.

When looking at Alyse L.’s blog I seen that she talked about how both authors described the problems that they have seen with “wordiness” occurring. She was saying that she sometimes has this problem in her writing and it can confuse the reader. I have always had this problem too and I still have it. In some cases I find myself getting better and I am able to catch it and correct it but there are others times that I’m not as lucky. I have also found that it confuses others and they are sometimes not able to understand what it is that I am trying to say.

I also found that we had the same views on the two different styles that both Williams and Strunk and White had. We both felt as though Williams did a better job of explaining things to us by giving examples and making sure that what he was saying was going to be understood by the reader. That is always helpful because it doesn’t leave you wondering what it was that you just read.

I read Maxine W.’s blog on comparing Williams to Strunk and White next an there was something in particular that stuck out to me. I liked how she pointed out that she likes to get her ideas on paper and then go back to follow the “rules of the game” which is basically just saying that she writes and then goes back to revise and edit. The reason that this stuck out to me is because this is something that I don’t do and maybe if I did it would help me out a lot. I spend so much time trying to perfect things while I’m writing that I over load myself and I get tired. When I get tired it becomes all downhill from there. I think that if I gave myself a break and some time to separate the two that my papers would be much better since I wouldn’t be straining my brain.

She also referred back to her previous blog about Strunk and White and talked about the “injecting opinion” and “overwriting” again. She was something that I also touched on in my Strunk and White blog because this is something that I often do as well. I like to inject my opinion when it’s not needed mainly because I may feel strongly about what is being discussed. At times I just can’t help it and I have to catch myself. I also have a habit of rambling and adding things that may not be needed because I may think that they’re important. 

These two young ladies had a lot of the same ideas that I did and it was good to see that I wasn’t alone with some of my opinions and ideas. It was also interesting to see what other things they had to say that I may not have picked up on which was very helpful.

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