Shredded Cheese Technology

I chose to used shredded cheese for my technology. It was something that wasn’t too messy and I was still able to do what I needed to do easily.

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My Writing Technologies

Over the years my methods of writing have changed with the ways that technology keeps advancing. When I was younger pencils were fine, wooden pencils were even fine but as I got older and things like mechanical pencils were created I wanted to use those. I would no longer use a wooden pencil because I felt like they were no longer cool. Getting more into the high school and college years I began to use ink pens more because I felt like my writing came out more clean and neat. Yes it’s hard when you make a mistake and you can’t erase it but I just find something relaxing when I find a pen that writes smoothly, which is what my friends and I call “writing like a dream”. Now that I am a college student I still love to write with pens but I find myself using my computer a lot. Teachers like for you to have papers typed in college and this is sometimes a hassle but I enjoy it from time to time. I appreciate the ways that things are advancing and it’s fascinating to see the new things that keep coming about. There’s nothing that I really avoid using. If I have to use it and I can get my work done I will even use a wooden pencil but I would rather not.

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What is Style?

Style to me is the way in which something is written. It has to do with the grammar, punctuation, tone used in your words, etc. Not everyone will have the same writing style and that’s what makes reading so interesting. Knowing that there’s a great chance that no story or paper will be identical to another is what brings the excitement and suspense.

When I think about writing style I also think about the forms of writing that would include poetry, fiction, non fiction and everything there is out there. If you compare poetry and a fictional story they are nothing alike because poetry is like another language and its unique in its own way. A fictional story is something quite common and it doesn’t take a whole lot to break down and understand.

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Getting Started

Being here at Eastern has been a great experience for me. I’ve had to learn my lesson with failing classes, withdrawing from classes and almost losing my financial aid but I think that those things have given me the determination that I have today. Losing my financial aid is not an option because if I lose it I will no longer be able to attend school. Having to grow up struggling I know first hand how it feels to not have something that I need and a mom that’s constantly stressed out but always keeping is first. She give up anything for us and that’s something that she always made sure we knew. Things weren’t always easy but we made a way and thats what’s important. I have no other choice but to be successful.

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